Saying goodbye with a meaningful ceremony, that will be a true celebration of the life lived.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is maybe the hardest thing you will ever have to do and in the midst of this grief you now have to make decisions about a funeral or memorial ceremony.

If you have decided not to follow the traditional route of a funeral with a religious minister, a celebrant led funeral will give you the choices to make the ceremony a truly personal tribute.

Whether your choice is to have a cremation or natural burial, to have a full funeral ceremony or a memorial ceremony, I can help guide you through these decisions.

A funeral or memorial ceremony should be a memorable celebration of someone’s life. It should reflect their unique character and be a fitting tribute that will help family and friends to grieve, to remember and celebrate the life that was lived.

What is a celebrant led ceremony?

A celebrant led ceremony is focused on celebrating the person’s life.

We are able to combine the wishes and character of your loved one, along your own wishes, to ensure that the ceremony is one that you feel will be the most meaningful and personal way to say goodbye.

There are no rules about what can be included, be it secular, spiritual or religious content. Along with providing you with suggestions for music, readings and poetry that reflect the occasion perfectly, I am also able to write a bespoke poem for your ceremony; giving a truly personal touch.

The decision over the format and style of the ceremony is also yours to make. The ceremony can be traditional or contemporary, formal or relaxed.

We can create a ceremony that reflects the true essence of the person that you have lost, and at the same time meets your wishes and that of the wider bereaved family.

How this ceremony will be created for you

Once we have made contact, we will meet. This meeting can be at your home or anywhere else you would feel comfortable.

Through conversation, we will explore your loved one’s life, character and interests, and together create the story to be told. We will discuss everything involved with the ceremony and you will be guided through the ways you can make this a truly personal tribute. We will choose appropriate poems, readings and music and any elements that would add that personal touch.

You will determine the order of ceremony. A draft eulogy will then be written, which you will have the chance to check before the ceremony. If there is someone else who would like to give a reading, but is unsure, if on the day, they will be able to cope, I will ask for a copy of their text, so that if needed I can step in and deliver the reading.

We will then meet on the day of the funeral where I shall lead the ceremony for the family.

After the funeral you will receive a copy of the whole ceremony with the eulogy and readings.

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